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ENG287 March 13 - Born-Digital Fiction: Interactivity

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Adam Hammond

ENG287 – March 13 , 2013 Instructor – A. Hammond Born-Digital Fiction: Interactivity Lucy Hardin’s Missing Period/Galatea Digital allows for instantaneous two-way traffic between the author and the audience. Print and broadcasting provide a one-to-many traffic. Digital also allows for ease with which readers become writers. Intactivity can be seen as the selling point of digital media. This week's texts are very much still texts while being interactive. The creation of hypertext in the '80s caused excitement. Literary critics saw it as a more democratic way of producing texts because the reader can become part of the text. There was also excitement over a nonlinear structure to writing. Deconstruction - the idea of hypertext confirms the belief that there is no one single ending. It also confirmed the idea that the author was becoming less important and becoming more a trademark. It was believed that electronic writing would confirm the instability of text and the decreasing authority of the author. Critics said that the only ones who believed in hypertext and read hypertext were those who make hypertext literature. Another critique is that print readers are already interacting with the novel. Interacting as readers creating an entire world in their minds based on the novels they're reading. Reader
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