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Nativity  Pastoral shepherds from poetic tradition  Hymn 1-12, 13-18, 19-26, 27 stanza division  Nature sensuality and shame in coming to face with Maker  Crediting nature with human emotion  Solemn occasion, setting tone for great change happening  No moment for nature to wonton and play  Nature impurity from Fall  Olive branch and symbol of peace with Coming of Christ  Calm peace, oceans  Allusion to Noah’s Ark, coming of peace after chaos  Lucifer not wanting to pay attention to birth of Christ  Sun and son  Stars awed by Christ’s birth  Time stands still in anticipation of arrival, arrested for moment  Shepherds oblivious to what is about to happen, simply chatting…  Pan – Greek God of nature, patron god of shepherds  Jesus as Good Shepherd  Patronizing, condescending of pastoral but also envious of simple rustic perfection  Christ is to kindly come live with them below  Rupturing sound  Majestic images of angels, Heaven’s new heir  Such music did not exist since God first made world, great creative moment  Reaction of world to creator  Crystal spheres of universe that rotate around Earth (Ptolemy) making different noises that are unheard after the Fall  Blessing human ears to be able to hear the music, Earth as base of Heaven’s organ, consort of angelic symphony  Reality of judgement before salvation  Theological, bigger picture  Although Jesus is in infancy, will have to die on the cross  Looking from beginning to the end of time, apocalypse, revelations  Only beginning of the story  Truth and justice will down return to men  Babe lies yet in smiling infancy, that on the bitter cross must redeem our loss…  Dreadful judge  Last judgement, horrid and trumpet of doom  Fantasy of salvation can’t be achieved yet but can be seen, Satan into narrower limits  New transition again into “Oracles are dumb”  oracles have no voice anymore after coming of Christ  Catalogue of pagan gods fleeing from shrines  Sweating of marble statues… power leaving  Roman, Egyptian gods fleeing, banished  Ending with Virgin laid Babe to rest  Ideological reflection on incarnation  God supreme over classical gods  Jesus allusion to Hercules as baby  Hera sending serpents into cradle vs control damned crew of powerful gods  Fierceness over tenderness of babe Letter to Diodati, Elegy 6  Classical form of elegy, pure Latin elegy while schoolboy  Playing on idea of aesthetic lifestyle in comparison to Diodati (partying)  Loves Diodati too much to scorn his lifestyle  Suggest nothing wrong with writing poetry while drunk  Catalog of poets who were inspired by wine  Intimacy  Turn into praise for his friend  Bacchaus, Ceres, Venus, Cupid all attend light elegy  Contrasting two lifesty
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