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Book 3  Negative comparison of Satan vs God, prove what’s greater/good  Anthropomorphism – give human characteristics/traits to nonliving abstract animals/government/structures like god  Pathetic fallacy – nature  Idea of lowering – greatest gesture God can offer  God’s first speech  “ingrate” – focus for unease of Milton’s God  anger in voice o 96Hee and his faithless Progenie: whose fault? o 97Whose but his own? ingrate, he had of mee o 98All he could have; I made him just and right,  angry dad/schoolmaster tone  unexercised/easy virtue, Adam would be artificial without reason – Areopagitica  man needs reason and free will to be real man  why God takes pleasure from obedience and why people need to prove themselves  Amsen – Milton’s God bad because Xtianity bad  Fish – against God = Satan 111Not mee. They therefore as to right belongd, 112So were created, nor can justly accuse 113Thir maker, or thir making, or thir Fate, 114As if predestination over-rul'd 115Thir will, dispos'd by absolute Decree 116Or high foreknowledge; they themselves decreed 117Thir own revolt, not I: if I foreknew, 118Foreknowledge had no influence on their fault, 119Which had no less prov'd certain unforeknown. 120So without least impulse or shadow of Fate, 121Or aught by me immutablie foreseen, 122They trespass, Authors to themselves in all 123Both what they judge and what they choose; for so 124I formd them free, and free they must remain, 125Till they enthrall themselves: I else must change 126Thir nature, and revoke the high Decree 127Unchangeable, Eternal, which ordain'd 128Thir freedom, they themselves ordain'd thir fall. 129The first sort by thir own suggestion fell, 130Self-tempted, self-deprav'd: Man falls deceiv'd 131By the other first: Man therefore shall find grace, 132The other none: in Mercy and Justice both, 133Through Heav'n and Earth, so shall my glorie excel, 134But Mercy first and last shall brightest shine.  Foreknowledge isn’t related to man’s fault  Fell freely, created with ability to resist temptation  Argues there isn’t predestination  What happens when God is made into literary charcter  Doesn't make sense  Radical Protestant theology  Arminienism  Humanist  Theodicy – vindication of the divine attributes, particularly holiness and justice, in establishing or allowing the existence of physical and moral evil  Alluding explicitly to Aeneid in opening lines (starting with epic argument/subject)  Foundation of Christian culture  Origins of sin, evil… why would God let it happen  Human anxiety to things that we can’t explain  Son’s first speech o 144O Father, gracious was that word which clos'd o 145Thy sovran sentence, that Man should find grace; o 146For which both Heav'n and Earth shall high extoll o 147Thy praises, with th' innumerable sound o 148Of Hymns and sacred Songs, wherewith thy Throne o 149Encompass'd shall resound thee ever blest. o 150For should Man finally be lost, should Man o 151Thy creature late so lov'd, thy youngest Son o 152Fall circumvented thus by fraud, though joynd o 153With his own folly? that be from thee farr, o 154That farr be from thee, Father, who art
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