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Jennifer Harris

Directions to Servants – Swift  Excuses to give master to goto pub o When you return, the Master storms, the Lady scolds; stripping, cudgelling, and turning off, is the Word: But here you ought to be provided with a Set of Excuses, enough to serve on all Occasions: For Instance, your Uncle came fourscore Miles to Town this Morning, on purpose to see you, and goes back by Break of Day To-morrow: A Brother-Servant that borrowed Money of you when he was out of Place, was running away to Ireland: You were taking Leave of an old Fellow- Servant, who was shipping for Barbados: Your Father sent a Cow to you to sell, and you could not find a Chapman till Nine at Night: You were taking Leave of a dear Cousin who is to be hanged next Saturday: You wrenched your Foot against a Stone, and were forced to stay three Hours in a Shop, before you could stir a Step: Some Nastiness was thrown on you out of a Garret Window, and you were ashamed to come Home before you were cleaned, and the Smell went off: You were pressed for the Sea-service, and carried before a Justice of Peace, who kept you three Hours before he examined you, and you got off with much a-do: A Bailiff by mistake seized you for a Debtor, and kept you the whole Evening in a Spunging-house: You were told your Master had gone to a Tavern, and came to some Mischance, and your grief was so great that you inquired for his Honour in a hundred Taverns between Pall-mall and Temple-bar.  Cousin being hanged, uncle coming from afar, person drpped shit on you so had to clean…  Handbook on things to do badly  Satire at servants, problem of rebelliousness, laziness  Detailed inventory of servant behavior, unnecessary details  Pay attention much to detail of servants behavior  Establish intimacy, surveillance and power… but servants can’t read, readers are upper class  But don’t reflect on upper class vices  Apprentice who was hanged for idleness vs industrious apprentice becomes lord mayor; upper class lecturing lower class to work hard to become like this  Pamela – popular novel, servantgirl marrying master, controversial but loved story… anxiety for social mobility and hope for lower class to work hard  Glorifying bad behavior, reveling in misbehavior o If your Master calls you by Name, and you happen to answer at the fourth Call, you need not hurry yourself; and if you be chidden for staying, you may lawfully say, you came no sooner, because you did not know what you were called for. o Whoever comes to visit your Master or Lady when they are abroad, never burthen your Memory with the Person's Name, for indeed you have too many other Things to remember. Besides it is a Porter's Business, and your Master's Fault he doth not keep one, and who can remember Names; and you will certainly mistake them, and you can neither write nor read.  Servant claiming to not come to master because didn’t know why he called -> but only find out purpose after coming… making fun of servant’s intelligence  Tension between master and servants  Shit my students write  Depicting tension -> upper class can reassure bond between servant and master  Servants making excuses -> haven’t cast off servitude, not liberated  Writing about annoying things -> unavoidable -> reassure that going to stay put, not leave  Servants are not going to goto London to make it big, marry someone’s daughter, etc  Reinforce institutionalized relationship, laugh and feel better  Charmed by resourcefulness of servants, robust survivor skills  Swift reassure self that servants rebellious -> measure of autonomy -> assure himself they don’t need pity, dignity in state of dependence Art of Ingeniously Tormenting - Jane Collier  Mental torture, verbal abuse, tool by which upper class control lower class  “If blame Susan the servant…” for soiling something and she replies it wasn’t her but someone else -> tell her servants are all alike, can’t trouble herself to discern everyone, takes away individuality, invention of excuses for fault -> would rather be served by mutes  diminishes servant’s value, make person feel bad, scaring one into admitting guilt by threatening to puni
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