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Jennifer Harris

6 questions write 2 essays – 2 hrs topics since day 1, broad, no particular text write about at least 4 texts (2 for each question), refer to often in response if choose essay topic -> don’t use same response, use at least 3 that didn’t use for essay o function of literature in 18ce o authorship [spectator] o on reading o on satire [contradiction of social function, correcting morals vs personally violating, tactics, reasons] o historical context question, historical change of literature (social/eco situations) o literary form/convention need to see which texts are appropriate learning in 18ce o ideals o not factually based, broad, generalizations of corpus of text o synthesize, make authoritative pronouncements o feel over time, intuitive sense of literature, why important/interesting o teaches readers by hitting on emotional level (lady’s dressing room -> don’t look at women same way) o essay on criticism -> learning is progress like dancing, like diet… important learning is permanent o learning by experience – verses on the death of dr swift – futility of trying to control self-image, eulogy of self to be read in tavern with noise… o learning from experience, feeling o spectator -> imitate, feel authority, act like me, read me… do it day after day, process will make you different in end than beginning [vs news not remembered after put down o emotional level, impact, can’t regurgitate info [if so, half-learned, not finished as people] o reading profoundly social, rely on cultural institutions to control society and keep it from disintegrating
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