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Jennifer Harris

Scholarly approaches  Religion in pc  Religious functions of PC  Mission to society and pc  Theological dialogue  Coke ad  For every tank built ~dolls made….. 1 weapon 20000 share coke  Oasis – Whatever; free to be whatever  Doesn’t use religious symbolism to make point; subtler allusions  Still providing meaning to lives… suffering vs good  Asserting community  Transcendental effect of showing better world  Suspicious vs affirmative  Song – right or wrong, whatever choose is right… values but reality of lack of choice  Coke isn’t force for good in world; like drug cartel in Mexico  Statistics (i.e. mothers baking chocolate cakes)…  Print ad -> get more elaborate -> copyright  Coke – early adapter  Persuasion ad, delightful, healthful beverage for men~ladies…  Push ad  -> pulling into coke was part of childhood, relive nostalgia (picture of children and adults given coke)  human desire for recaptured childhood  power of persuasion, ads and resolution to problems  Santa from saint figure to consumerism/capitalism  Coke makes commercial Santa  Coke Santa ad without any text -> allegorical, drawing out from it  Coke and “cool,” identifying through youth, different values (surfing beach, It’s the real thing) pull advertisement  -> Coke becomes the thing
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