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ENG305 Lecture 2

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University of Toronto St. George
Jennifer Harris

Lecture 2 9/12/2012 10:12:00 AM  Description of the Morning  Servant girl flying up steps to hide sleeping with her master  Another servant cleaning  Scattered motion of atomized individual into movement into gradual peace  Grammatical change from past tense to immediate space  Town eclogues, urban life, social ideals of classical antiquity, how far modernity has fallen  Describe things exactly as they happen  Real life  Celebrating abundance  Virgil’s Eclogues  Dreamy, flower, escapist, abundance  Pastorals giving beauty to mundane life  Element of celebration  Beginning to understand time, leading to nowhere and nothing  Christian idea of can’t be perfect but can keep busy  Prostitution, market, coffeehouses in Covenant Garden  Periodical papers in coffeehouses  Hogart’s painting of Morning poem  Coffeehouse, brawl, men fondling women (privilege of upper class to lower class women), beggars with fire, boys looking on in silence, posh upper class woman and boy servant going to church  Disorganized, dark, hierarchical system of society  Swift believing people are growing worse, consuming modern foods and wearing body down, modern consumer culture… moralistic  Description of City Shower  Striking senses with offensive smells… poem as sewers  Ending with disgusting things in sewers… dead cats, fish, butcher’s leftovers….  Like woman striking linen through the air from laundry (rain), poem strikes at reader  Line of careless
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