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Lecture 6

ENG305 Lecture 6

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Jennifer Harris

Lecture 6 9/26/2012 10:10:00 AM • Women being privileged through marriage, exploiting men • Material goods rather than husband himself • Mean being pushed out of picture by women… opera tickets, hairdressers, servants • Anne Finch one of first women to have poetry published -> happy marriage but because of husband’s job, isolated from people and depressed, lonely • Unequal Fetters  Men have longer chains than women… begging for love despite marriage  Tone of resentment  Hymen god of marriage but also represent female virginity  Men seeking other virgins, younger women as wife grows old  “ruin” – sexual (women disadvantage by pregnany)  lives for women shorter (and youth)  suggesting men have cultural sanction/social encouragement to pursue extramarital affairs  but people didn’t marry for love at the time, only economical  people accept marriage as burden and obligation at time • town eclogue – pastoral mode applied to town setting • Lady Mary Wortley Montagu – transgender/queer figure? Hate skirts, wish she could date bisexual affair partner as man (equality), speculation of lesbian relationship • Husband complain of her wit • Works published anonymously (“by lady”) • Pope good friends -> declare love -> laugh at him -> attack her constantly • Wrote smallpox poem when she had smallpox (beautiful woman -> face maimed by disease) • Socioeconomic factors of beauty… losing beauty for women = financial and social ruin (beauty sole ambition and reason for life) • Virgil’s Eclogue… shepherds cry -> nature responds somehow • Belief in town no way to explore pain, nature deaf to it, isolation • Smallpox  Lamenting beauty disappeared from
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