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Lecture 8

ENG305 Lecture 8

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Jennifer Harris

Lecture 8 10/3/2012 10:25:00 AM  Harlot’s progress  Woman forced to have sex with man -> gets pregnant and demand money (guy has tailor behind him, joke is that he won’t be able to pay for clothes anymore)  Woman persuaded to become prostitute by brothel owner woman… -> prostitute -> gets STD and dies  Haywood (doesn’t know what she’s getting into -> guy -> ruined)  Pope thought of self as moralist, champion of taste, wrote in heroic couplets (line of epic verse)  Iomic(?) pentameter (Stressed, unstressed…)  People saw Pope as annoying, made fun of him (stuffing socks for circulation and heart rate because of disease, but make fun saying he did it to look taller)  Sickness makes him frail, faint, need corset… all feminine aspect he satirizes in Epistle to Lady  Juvenilian satire (nasty, brutal, unforgiving of society and defects) vs Horatian satire (light-hearted, sophisticated, good humor)  Pope’s Imitations of Horace vs Mary Wortley Montagu  Montagu suggest Pope is poor, body contorted like his poem, nowhere near Horace; good satire should be quick witted and chopping head off without them even knowing it (clean) but his is hacking away… hunchback/deformity as curse from God, crooked like his mind… only walking because people feel sorry for him… use poetry to curse enemy to life of loneliness (Cain)  Epistle to Lady  Character as a letter, mark, pieces of type that are inked and impressed, solid, visible, social (in 18CE)  Emblem of nature, printed like face on coin  Critical of woman living aristocratic public life, celebrate midd
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