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Lecture 11

ENG305 Lecture 11

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Jennifer Harris

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Horace’s Art of Poetry  Some poets that are pretentious, posers…  Role of the poet vs role of criticism  Need to know literary critics and history  “nor is it very clear why he goes on trying to write poetry…”  Pope’s Essay on Criticism  Pope reacting to handbooks published to instruct on poems… take away subliminal and excitement of writing poetry  Handbook with mechanical way of writing poetry…  Criticism should show us how to love literature, and process by which one learns to write by reading examples, how to be good critic by examples…  To imitate good authors  Appreciating whole, something that can’t be paraphrased in literary text  Rules of good taste, standards  People all have senses, natural ability to tell… and only by reading and learning would gain sophistication and ability to discern good taste – contradictory statements…  Issue of authority… crowd vs best critic  Trusting superior moral character  “A perfect Judge will read each Work of Wit With the same Spirit that its Author writ”  ancient writers as good… bad criticism harmful but criticism necessary  have to personally learn good taste by observing nature, experience  rules of good taste come out of literature and from nature… systematic  culminate acts of judgement, intuition  impressing upon reader sense of good taste and internalizing to make own  social, public… have to be acquired, can’t be taught but at end of poem should have internalized and f
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