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Lecture 15

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University of Toronto St. George
Jennifer Harris

 Menippean satire  Social thought/intellectual position satire  It would not be proper…. Brandy… Fastened and tied down…  Empirical, quantification (date, time, numbers)  Blunt and simple, rambling (vs Pope neat, elaborate)  Discourse changes… rupture, language of empiricism replaced by fantastical language  Gulliver abstraction to real… must touch and feel  Descartes – best language to describe reality is algebra, compute… exact and reliable than human observation… mathesis  Laputa and Legato… satire on Royal Society – scientific group of research and discoveries… advocate clear, precise language  Touring academy (of projectors), combine with tour of madhouse… insane asylum that Swift visited recently… extracting sunbeams from cucumber, turning shit to food… ridiculous experiments without sense  Scientists trying to shorten discourse… abolishing all words… “advantage in health” -> claim word spoken shortens lives  Reductive… leaving out social importance and other significance of language, sunshine…  Swift believes ridiculous experiments will ruin things  Satire on real character (John Welkins, founder of Royal Society) – system to communicate universally in all contexts to replace national languages… colonial context… graphic code  Idea that since everyone has words for same thing, why different…  Cryptic messages and sending them over long distance… Welkins tried to find instances in history… carving servant’s head/feeding animals… sending them… encoding message  Early theories of how to encrypt and send messages…  Welkins – language should be unambiguous, no confusion, one word for one thing… taking out richness for graphic code to digitize and read mechanically without error  Speaking in euphemism when Gulliver describes needing to take a shit (ch 2)… amount of time dwelled on it, crudeness although trying to be euphemistic  Apologetic for being indecent, but framing character in unhygienic qualities with hygienic qualities… yet chooses to show details of this moment while leaving other details out  Correspondence of Royal Society…  Gulliver has obliviousness to reader’s background (humanist vs scientist) or readers’ disgust  Science – always question of why, value…  Making excuses for saying this… compulsive quality to speech, not sure what’s motivating
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