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Jennifer Harris

 Executions – although supposed to instill fear and deter crimes, people committing crimes on the site (Hogarth)  Public spectacle.. apprentices given time off to watch  John Gay sympathetic to scene because was also apprentice  Gay and Macheath both want independence for freedom vs wanting to be rich, idol, wanting to go to better place after saving up money…  Pastoral social mode  Social obligations and duties  Ballad and unity of social classes, social differences… into one nationality, Britain… alike in one thing – Spectator, delight of all folks… ballads as what children consume, nostalgic, domestic bliss and tranquility, childhood… social mode  Heroic style/mode – Macheath’s exploits, highway robberies, refusal to abide by social norms and laws  Macheath torn towards pastoral and heroic… rob coach, preying on people but hesitates and has sensibility, fondness for woman – brings back her locket and give to Polly  Marriage – cynical view towards social commitment, obligations and pastoral  Slave to others…  Macheath becomes reliant on women, ask Lucy for help, dignity/independence  Lucy and Polly singing – ridiculous love, supposed to be laughable  Foolishness  They love him yet allow him to be hanged  Peachum thieftaker and leader of thieves  Bawd and gang leader operate together so thieves spending money in same establishment where they’re earning money… small arrangement…  Macheath go to brothel after escape, get caught from tip from bawd  Figures also represent death… brothel and venereal disease… bawd keeps surgeons in business -> thief taker/leader put thieves to gallows if disobey  Necessity of industry… idleness -> death  Beggar: trying to finish play with Macheath hanged… but author disagree  Beggar insist to show
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