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Thomas Keymer

ENG322Y1 LECTURE NOTESNevilles The Isle of Pines Wednesday September 10 2014Monday September 15 2014 Wednesday September 17 2014 The Isle of Pines IntroductionIs about the domestic and social life and associated with the Victorian periodBut novels or protonovels in this period are really global in their scopeOnly four copies were published when it first came out in 1668A popular transcribed pieceThe title is anonymously published and is leaves the english person unnamed the work is then questioned as to whether or not it is credible or notAuthentication is questionedIs authored by a fictitious narrator there is no declaration of authorship on Henry Nevilles part in the early editions of this work this is done for multiple reasons osuch as fear of retaliation and persecutionoCensorshipoto hide the authors gender women writers were not taking seriously during this timeoto avoid distracting the reader from the persona of the text a fake name would help focusthisothe work had low prestigeoplus it was routine for works to have unnamed authors since authorship didnt have the prestige that we now attach to a name The rise of authorship came into play with the rise of copy right legislation
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