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University of Toronto St. George
Deidre Lynch

Lecture 1 – 130909 Austen and Her Contemporaries – Intro - Satirist of sentimentality = Austen (not tremendously and solely a romanticist) - She works like a literary sniper – like our culture, gets very pious about family culture o Northanger Abbey – “fine family of 10…” quote - She’s a very wild writer – not prim and proper - Her novels are very precisely the differences among them – reinventing her narrative, her hero, her heroine, etc. Novel-Lovers and Novel-Haters at the end of the 18 centuryth - Literary critics/reviewers put down gothic and sentimental novels at the end of the 18 century - Novel is seen as pothlar yet threatened (sagging rather than rising) at the end of the 18 century - She unconsciously wrote to improve the novel as a genre - “From Samuel Johnson, The Rambler, no. 4 (03/31/1750)”: - Fiction is concentrating now in everyday life (more probable than improbable now) - He talks about how this new form of fiction narrative is more realistic (more about ordinary people than the kinds of fiction that it has replaced) o It poses a problem than an advantage o Why? : care should be taken that best examples should be exhibited; if you’re identifying with the novel and imitating it, best examples of conduct should be exhibited - Johnson wants us to read about “pictures of perfection” whereas Austen thinks these “pictures” are sickening - He is a novel-hater - This genre seems to target young people and Johnson thinks these novels should not be highly looked upon - Think about the early novel as being something similar to social media of now (popularity was scary – so many people spent so much time on this) o Menacing because i
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