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Lecture 2

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University of Toronto St. George
Deidre Lynch

Lecture 2 – 100911 Topics of the day: 1. Novel’s relationship to didacticism – what it was supposed to teach the readers 2. Shame – portrayed in the novel and in novel writing/reading itself 3. Evelina’s relationship to satire and satiric - Reviewer talks about Hannah Moore who seems to write an anti-novel - Didacticism (idea that there could be such a thing that reads you a lecture) – an alibi for women o Using the novel as a vehicle of education (to teach a lesson) - Austen’s defense of the novel (ch.5 of Northanger Abbey): what is missing is that these novels don’t need to have an educational value o Novels don’t have to model the best modes of conduct and behavior o Not for imitation by the readers but they’re offered up for admiration of the readers  Major indication of Austen’s relationship to didacticism - Is Burney’s novel a conduct book? o Questions raised within the text of Evelina o Is Evelina itself a conduct book? - Conduct book = self-help book (nowadays) - Evelina is Burney’s second book; the first writing is about Evelina’s mother (because she had an unappreciative step-mother) - Burney wrote the novel in secret from her father (he also wrote and her job as an unmarried daughter living with him was to copy his own writings) - Paratext - Dedication to authors of monthly and critical reviews? – they’re the reviewers and critics of literary production of the era o Humbly addresses them but seems to brag a bit too (humble- brag) o Tone of the Dedication is weird: she humbly asks them for their protection but her language is very flowery (showing her empowerment) o She takes off a lot of the authority (5 paragraph)  She seems to be telling the reviewers how to do their jobs – pretty gutsy and sly o Signs that she’s reminding them of their powerlessness (they’r
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