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Lecture 10

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University of Toronto St. George
Deidre Lynch

Lecture 10 – 131009 - Pg. 4: Dashwood inheritance is not an entail but rather he chooses the next male heir o Entail is more about unborn male heirs would automatically get the inheritance rather than by choice - The emphasis of Austen’s opinion on the way how different people think of things is evident through the movies - Inability to distinguish different kinds of people (Sir John to Miss Steele) - Marianne is the person who is most vocal about taste in this text o She has very particular taste o Vol. 1, ch. 3, pg. 14: “To hear those beautiful lines which have frequently almost driven me wild…”  Eleanor has different taste and is irreconcilable to her own tastes - William Cowper, “The Shrubbery” (1782): o What Marianne shows she feels - Vol. 1, ch. 18, pg. 73: “You must not inquire too far, Marianne – remember that I have no knowledge in the picturesque…It exactly answers my idea of a find country, because it unites beauty and utility.” o Art: contrast between foreground and background – misty background, more rusted and rugged o Marianne is aligning herself to the picturesque, Edward is aligning himself to utility – different aesthetic tastes  Edward values landscape when they’re useful, Marianne values the picturesque aesthetic of the landscape o We have Edward teasing Marianne and we have a sense that he’s getting at a point that modern philosophers have of taste  We think that we’re choosing something that is very meaningful to us, but he points out that matters of taste is aligning to specific groups of people with similar economic and social levels  Structures of society that produce taste o Austen presents tastes as socially unifying in groupings and can be objectively viewed (Marianne and Willoughby? – similar values and tastes)  Idea that particular education, jobs, etc. are going to define our tastes  Some amount of social predictability  It permits Marianne’s perspectives to be somewhat legitimized  Marianne is associated with sensibility (philosophical and artistic movement that prioritized individuals; it was empowering for people, especially women and gave value to instincts and feelings, especially of women, wh
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