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Lecture 13

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University of Toronto St. George
Deidre Lynch

Lecture 13 – 131023 - Love is the center of women’s insistence as women are currently educated - Wollstoncraft says that it’s better if women did not desire love but to deserve respect - If women were less focused on love, they’d be better mothers - Pg. 78: “Personal attachment is a very…” o There is such thing as second love and first loves are just prior histories/experiences for the better second love o Wollstoncraft says that relationships grounded on friendship are important - Wollstoncraft and Inchbald’s account of female power o Female power is extension of female weakness (Wollstoncraft) - Women’s sexual passions will be the death of her (Wollstoncraft and Austen in view of sensibility) - Wollstoncraft asks how is it that through history, women have been either “a slave or a despot” (top or bottom) - Pg. 81: “Sedentary employment render the majority of women sickly— and false notions of female excellence make them proud of this delicacy…” o Femininity is playing down your health o A way in which women enforce this code to score points against other women – to have power over men o Wollstoncraft keeps saying that she doesn’t want women to have power over men but rather over themselves o A society in which women’s opportunity to have power is in the assumption of having power over rational foundations - Women’s power as obtained by such means is short lived – power of courtship o Power for short period of their lives rather than power over themselves that might sustain them for the whole of their existence - Pg. 60: “women being treated like queens…” o Prevailing code of manners is to make women feel like princesses o Power possessed by women is to have men open/close doors for them and acts of gallantry  Power that distracts woman from having power of being an actual human being o Seems to be writing against manners in the sense of etiquette and seems to be saying that manners are a kind of hypocrisy o Man making big deal about gallantry is doing things that seems to take away rights of women of being treated like human beings - “The Vindication of the Rights of Women” is the sequel to Wollstoncraft’s “The Vindication of the Rights of Men” o Women associated with language of monarchy – moment of revolution which is supposed to be a backward drag to the forward progress of history o She’s outside the rights of women and the inside of the rights of women too o How women are deformed by culture and miseducation which she’s criticizing, not the nature of women - Wollstoncraft is critical of sensibility (something which women are educated into) o Women are either fine ladies or who are really into their housekeeping – cramp of the female intellect (women who are really busy in the houses) o Educated into sensibility – reacting too intensely to these feelings - Pg. 65: “Their senses are inflamed and their understandings neglected…” o She calls these a “false refinement” o They’re “blown about by every momentary gust of feeling” - Miss Milner is figure with “a lot of sensibility” - Inchbald publishes this
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