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Lecture 15

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Deidre Lynch

Lecture 15 – 131030 - Pg. 194-195: “Throughout life, there cannot happen an event…rigour and justice” o Amplifies sense of discontinuity (ex: Dorriforth changes title to Lord Elmwood) o Updates on other characters o Inchbald trying to do things that are different from what we’ve seen Austen and Burney do with the novel form (not just Inchbald’s play, but Austen also uses many allusions in Mansfield Park) o Aspects of this novel that link it closely to Evelina  We’ve sort of seen this double plot (story of mother and then of daughter) • Quest for paternal recognition – learning of mother’s story before and then of the daughter’s story  Evelina published in some way lthe A Simple Story o Lots of novels by women in late 18 century developed this kind of plot structure because women stories are set in problem of what the daughter can inherit from the mother  Preoccupation of lots of late 18 century novels of women th o Late 18 century novels by women are conscious that women do not inherit property  Festivities are for her cousin’s coming of age (male) and emphasizes to Matilda that she’s disinherited from her father; she doesn’t get anything from her father o Fear that what girls inherit from their mothers is their mothers’ shame  Wollstoncraft in novel she writes during her pregnancy also has a two generational structure (mother’s letter to her daughter of her story – only thing she can give her daughter is her daughter)  Inchbald’s next novel is of a mother handing packages of letters which she writes in prison for murder, to her daughter  Sense of looking to another generation to correct the faults of the current generation o Pg. 337-338: “He has beheld the pernicious effects…Matilda was bred?”  Matilda shows us that female character is the female autonomy and the relationship between Matilda (and her father) and authority - Time jump is linked to Shakespeare’s A Winter’s Play o King Leontes of Sicily, who suddenly suspects that his wife, Hermione, is pregnant by another man  When baby is born, he orders the baby girl to be abandoned to the elements in the countryside to die  The wife dies of grief and then their son dies  Method of metamorphosis which Inchbald uses – time comes on stage as a character and tells audience that 16 years have passed  The little girl grows up and returns to her father’s court  She and her father is taken to see a statue of the dead H
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