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Lecture 16

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Deidre Lynch

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Lecture 16131104Mansfield ParkEdmund wants to be a clergyman and Mary discovers it when Julia says he should marry Maria and Mr RushworthMarys upset because she doesnt think he can earn as much money as he could in another profession with the mindset that she could marry himNotion that you could compete with God for a man is one that Austen found really compellingOne of the ways Mary isnt like Miss Milner A Simple Story is that shes not the heroine of the storyOnly novel of Austens to be named for a placeoCentrality of the house and the estate to what happened in the bookIn first chapter it shift between Aunt Norris and Sir ThomasSecond and third chapter it focalizes on Fannyfirst character with a thchildhood Austens more Victorian novel away from 18 century traditionShe slips out in chapter 4narrative of the familys happenings and the Crawfords attention shifts to Mary Crawford so makes one to expect her to be the heroineAlmost like a show of impartialitygiving everyone equal timeEnd of ch 5 pg 38 Mary thinking of marriage material found in the new neighbourhood Tom Bertrand must have been thought ofoTom keeps going back and forth in the noveloAll of these from Marys point of viewoAnd Fanny what was she doing and thinking all this while and what was her opinion of the newcomers last paragraph of pg 38Italics used as if extra effort is needed to get Fanny into the center of the narrativeItalics to show that shes been observing things all this whileoYou put the character on stage and what does she thinkAs novel develops its starting to become clear that Fannys vision is closest to the view of the narratorFanny knows stuffshe knows more and sees more of whats going on and knows her own feelings unlike Lizzy BennetoAnd what she knows is painfuloCh 7 pg 52 Fanny could not wonder that Edmund was at the parsonageDiscrepancy between what Fanny sees and what other characters see even those character that are closest to her like Edmund
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