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Emperor of the Moon

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University of Toronto St. George
Terry Robinson

Emperor of the MoonDryden firstcelebrated masculine heroesrulers conquerors loversHeroic dramaIt was to support the natural right of kingsAntony is hardly a decisive characterWhen compared to his dramatic foil Ventidius he seems indecisiveThis is classifies as a heroic drama but when we think about that classification it can seem unsettlingWhat do you think might be going on here with DrydenoRevising notion of what is heroismoHe is showing Antony with a flawoPeople are flawednaturaloTruer to life not incredibly fantasticalWhat is it about Antony that is praiseworthyCharles IIjustificationhe can empathize with Antonys positionthe same conflict still allow Antony to be a heroic figure in their eyesoexaltation of Antony and Cleopatraocritiquewarninghe is torn by his civic duty and the domestic worldOctavius and Ventidius are models of civic dutiesbecause he has a mistressCharles II had a number of mistressesAntony is caught in the middle againoOn the one hand he is an emblem of a glorious kingly power and on the other hand an individual who surrenders all for a foreign mistressoAll for loveHe is questioning this all out confidence in the superhuman heroismthere is also a to a degree pointing against Antonys behaviorCharles was charismatic highly passionate potentially irresponsibleThis figure neglects his public dutiesfor an actress like Elizabeth BoutellHart and Boutell in the country wifethis debuted two years earlierWeve noted how different the roles areo Male wit vs fallen emperorocountry bumpkin vs the queen of Egyptthose country wife characters would have colored how people view thisa rake and a cuckolding womanall for love how does this colour the play
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