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L01 Introduction

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Terry Robinson

L01 Drama1660Restoration of the monarchyTheaters reappear in England reappearthe puritans were responsible for shutting them downthe Kings and the Dukes the king and his brotherThe Kingsthe restoration KingKing Charles IIThis later becomes the Theatre Royal Drury LaneThe theaters becoming ISAsIdeological State ApparatusesThis is a term from Louis AlthusseroConcept of ideologySet of norms and beliefs that underlie the normsIts a manner of thinking characteristic of a particular groupThese are the institutions rituals or discourses that allow ideology to operate within a societyChurches schoolsFilters Theatersthrough which a culture produces ideologyhe says the theater has become a ISAproducing a particular ideologynaturalize the right of the monarchist to rulepromoted the ideology of the courtThe initial reparatoryconsisted to ElizabethianJacobian by the 1670s a number of plays appear of the lower orders stealing the showthe ruling aristocracy is indicted with hypocrisywe get a turning away from the monarchical idealwe needed to naturalize the right of the monarchywhat happened prior to the restorationThe puritans ruled from 16421660oThe English civil war nothing like the French revolutiono16421649 was the waroIt was Charles I vs ParliamentParliamentthe puritans made up the majority of itthey saw the decadency within the monarchy and were opposed to itCharles I believed in the divine right of Kings and he also carried a disdain for parliamentthey were put in place to serve the king
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