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L02 The Country Wife

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Terry Robinson

L02 The Country WifeSexual freedom of the restorationlead to subsequent strictness1The English Civil War 164216492The CommonwealthInterregnum 164916603The Restoration 16601685i1700ii1730iiiwhat happens in 1685 that ends the Restoration Charles II dies and then we get James II succeeding himthis is the few years before the Glorious Revolution4The Glorious Revolution 16881714iWe have James forced to abandon he Throne to Marythey die and queen Anne then we have the house of Hanover George I II III IViiQueen Victoria is a Hanover 5Hanoverian Rule 17141901What was the penalty1642 fines1647 watching would be fined and the actors would be considered rogues you would be whipped nude anyoneThen it was the threaten of imprisonmentCromwellDied of natural causesHis son took over as Lord Protector but he had no political sway or influence he lost respect and controlThere were various political factions hat fought England was a messMonckestablished a new form of parliament by forcepaved the laws to allow him to returnwhen he returned the crowds welcomed him backClariedon CodePreachersPuritans needed to swear allegiance to EnglandSeparatiststhe dissentersthe non conformiststheyre not catholic but they dont follow the church of Englandmany of the puritans decide ok Ill just become Anglican a lot come over to the church of England or they join the dissentersthere was a lot of political effort to keep these people in their place because they caused so much trouble
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