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L03 The Country Wife

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Terry Robinson

L03VocabularyMannersthose social mores affectations conventions and styles the outward form and fashionable life by which the individual is bound They are the cultural matrix of customs ad modes to which an individual conforms his or her behaviorWitthe use of words in a quick inventive way to create humor It encompasses repartee raillery and the use of double entendre and innuendoit implied intellectual superiority in perception and knowledgeit was an display of intellectual penetration and sophisticationInnuendoa remark or hint that works through allusion or oblique referenceDouble entendrea figure of speech in which a word or phrase can be understood in two waysone that is straight forward and another that is risqu It is a word or phrase with a hidden alternative meaning one that is usually sexually suggestiveThis was first performed1675Drury LaneFormerly The Kings theaterDavid GarrickThe country girlHe did it in an effort to avoid adulteryThe new girl PeggyThere is no Horner Squeamish no FidgetThe cultural conventions called for moralityRemakes with sanitizationShampoomodern remakestaring Goldie Hawn and Carrie FisherMusical called Lust in 1992Notable ActorsNell GwenCharles Harthe was the leading member of the kings company specialized in playing the masculine and witty roleshe and Nell those two were the paired couple in a lot of restoration plays
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