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Richard Steele

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Terry Robinson

Richard SteeleIs it possible for someone to act out of disinterred unselfish motivescan everything be reduced merely to the play of surfaces restoration Comedy of Manners or is there such a thing as essentialityIs there such a thing as a world where people act honestly without putting up false frontsIf there are at times false fronts can they be considered honest dissimulationParentChild RelationsP 773 I iii The tender obligations to my fatherBevil Junior and his fatherLucinda and Ms Sealand jealous motherso she wants her to marry her cousinIndiana and IsabellaIndiana and Mr SealandPiety honor obligation duty loyalty obedience respect hierarchy complacencyMasqueradeThe Nature of identityClass DivisionsArtifice Art vs naturetruth vs artificeArtArtificehuman contrivance putting on airs or using cunning devises as a means to deceiveNaturethe innate qualities of a person or thing inborn characteristics or essential beingBevil Jrs identityIndianas identityconstant questioningbecause of the masquerade we are drawn to the idea of surfacespeople are reduced to typesrake vs wit Vs sitI am this and you are thatBut the mask isnt everythingnot merely the play of surfaces there is something behind the mask and we want to talk about whats underneath thatidea of essencesAct 1 scene I line 205 Why nor sir and marry fortuneswe have an ambiguity of identitybleeding out into the society as a wholeits gone beyond the contained space of the masquarade ball and into society at large
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