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Mavis Gallant - The Moslem Wife

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Vikki Visvis

st Feb 1 , 2011 Mavis Gallant: The Moslem Wife 1932-Netta marries 1 cousin, Jack, overcoming opposition. Netta portrayed as being devoted and subservient, Jack as the golden boy, through the eyes of guests. Her new years during the war teach her about mediocrity, trauma. 1945-Return of Jack, considers freedom of whether or not to take Jack back. A) Nettas development Does she grow? i) Initially lifeless and blank Asha-ash after fire burns, what is left after passion burns out. Only her eyes had a pilot light, something perhaps Jack can ignite. Very worn out, either underdeveloped, or past her prime. Her life and emotions are neatly compartmentalized (p42). Discrepancy between her looks and inner world. Public vs. Private, inside vs. outside, head vs. passion of her heart. Color imagery used to depict and contrast these categories. Complexion = ashen- white, but assigns herself black (p44). White complexion shrouds inner world. Also something v. static about Netta, and takes for granted Jack had the same views as her (p39). She doesnt read initially, indifferent reader of books and character (p46). P40-Attire shes perfectly dressed, but Jack doesnt care. He is confrontational and challenging.
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