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Vikki Visvis

The Diviners Part 2 Tension between a womans career and societys expectations woman either pursues familyhusband OR career There is no having both In this book we have both but they are not reconciled She explores one lets it go and then the narrative shifts and she then explores the other Her relationship with Brooke shows that she cannot be contained like that She gives up everything for him and then she leaves him and haves a relationship with Jules instead When Morag gives Brooke up and explores her career she doesnt follow it as tightly as wed expect She becomes a very desexualized character by giving up patriarchal marriage it is expected to give up her femininity as well However she complicates this structure because she doesnt give up her sexualityshe has a child and becomes a mother This book was controversial because of this complication Where Lawrence takes the theme further is that a woman can have a career and sexuality although not without its strugglesIn England her career is disrupted by Piques sickness and her affair with whatshisname She argues that for Morag the roles of mother and mistress get in the way As much as she had difficulty in navigating both roles she still prefers it that way Morag is a very contemporary figure because she is still performing both rolesThe search for a romantic herothe love plot and the career develop plot are at odds One or the other acts as a nuisance to the other Lawrence deals with this problem in two ways she allows her heroine to desert a man who stands in the way of her career second she creates two characters Jules and McGraith men who do not need the structure of marriage which suggests that this model of masculinity allow women to develop her art Both men do not take up a great deal of time that Morag needs to cultivate her career Although she wants male companionship she admits this is best Neither Jules or McGraith ask anything of her they do not care if she gets her hair doneFrench FeminismLaugh of the MedusaHer writing strategies speak to the writings of French feminists Cixous is associated with the movement she opts for a positive representation of the feminine its a celebrated manifesto of womens writing which calls for women to put their bodies into their writing The female imagination is infinite and beautiful Writing yourself is an important part of resisting patriarchal rule Counter discoursea way of expression that goes against the dominant the dominant adheres to grammatical and syntactical language undermine this with the language of the body it wouldnt make sense because its not ruled by grammar and structure If were gonna undermine patriarchy were gonna do with through language how do you engage with your innate femininity if the mode in which youre doing it is ruled by patriarchy The results are often dramatic and extreme Lawrences book loosely relies on this theme The sorceress goddess The inspiring spirit of the sorceress They are natural resistances of patriarchy and act as muses for female writers This woman is portrayed as Piper Gunns woman Morag who is described as having the second sight and endowed with access with the supernatural Morag the protagonist is also able to communicate with the dead as she speaks with Catherine Parr Trail The idea of a sorceress is important in French Feminism because it is a source of strength and guidance This sorceress also allows women to move beyond the consciousreason and address the unconscious Morag is almost motivated by something outside her controlThis also complicates the role of inspirational visionary The roles of Christie and Royland because they are the most influential Male visionariesThey are both on the margins of the norm Christie as the scavenger and Royland because he abdicates the ministry Althoughthe language of the feminine men are not excluded especially if they are fighting the same fight against patriarchy Within the novel Christie plays the part of a mad shaman he reads the garbage and by virtue of his status as social pariah he is able to act as a spiritual mentor He knows what it means to be marginalized from a patriarchal society Similarly Royland is able to take on the role of visionary of the sorceress Morag because he has been at the center of power and he has seen that abuse of power and decided to let it go He is searching for water which is a symbol for life which is connected to women In searching for water he lets go of his position in societyshe realizes the contradiction between her desires and the patrisocial expectations when on the first day of school she decides not to speak she realizes sometimes she must stay silent When she shows her Sunday school teacher her poem and is not encouraged because writing powtry does not fill her gender role authorized transgressionparody For instance Lawrence undermines the growth of the artist constanroman Instead of a male searching for a father Lawrence portrays a female searching for a father not a mother A lot of her growth is related to male guides She reforms this quest by making the journey more important than the resultsProspero myth you are either your fathers daughter or your husbands wifeThere is a more conservative revision of feminism She challenges the logic of reasonable narrativeshe jumps back and forth chronologically she does experiment a little bit which disrupts the understanding of the narrativeHistory fiction myth as genres and how they create identityhow do these genres play into this Searching for a sense of identity is tied to understanding the past This is apparent through the narrative of Morags past in Manawaka The novel is based on ideas of changecoming to grips with the pastit is constantly moving and changing The relation between hfm show that everything is in motion History depends of narrative structures Hfm all rely on similar narrative principles History isnt so different from fiction what differentiates it is the value we place on it Also objectivity is challenged by perspective
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