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ENg353 Lecture 4

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Vikki Visvis

May 30th 2011 Depictions of Philip • Hypocrisy • Almost always driven by a disgust by hypocrisy. • Also exposes that he does have a faith of his own , undercuts assumptions that he is a man without God. • Page 147 (July 28th) • He doesn’t see religion as a set of duties. • Steve doesn’t care about the rituals of faith , philip does the same way , but uses art of access his faith. • "Religion and art are almost the same thing - brining him to the emotional pitch we call ecstasy" • Philip - religion and art are the same thing • Mrs bentley a little more superficial. Doesn’t understand depth and gravity he brings to faith. • Why is she so intent on hypocrisy. • She projects her emotions on to Philip • His indulgence in hypocrisy formed a bond between then. • Page 20 (april 14th) False Fronts = false identies (metaphor) April 8th • False front as a metaphor , hypocricsy • Reduced him to the status of helpless and needy , she treats him like this , not enough to be his wife , but also his mother - he is far more mature than she gives him credit. • 117 ( june 22nd) • She needs to construct him - like a helpless baby , allows her to care for him , she needs him to be weak. (april 227th) • Weaves a fail of marriage • Supposed infidelity ( mrs.bentleys accusation is unreliable). Could be artistically intrigued by her. • • Grieved by gesture of sympathy - as a woman has offered a consolitary guilt ,doesn’t mean guilt necessarily, an orange girl was a prostitute. • To give someone oranges , that mr.s bentley is labelling her a prostitute- reaction of woman betrayed. Mrs. Bentley the baby does not look like father. - date of gestation of • Philips child. • 162 (august14th)- hears little laugh, taken medicinal , suggests an erotic laugh…why doesn’t she open the door? • Similar sound with paul, other laughs like it that don’t result in romantic intimacy. • Refusal to deny the accusation • No admission of guilt. • Women construct their husbands • Mrs. Bentleys paranoia was based on something common. Mrs Bentley as a Proto -Feminist The oppressed is a spatial • • Temporal • Physical • Domestic • Marital - cant be a concert pianist She makes a choice - throws things off and made everything about philip - she is oppressed by social restrictions. • Refuses to be reduced to a simple model of characterization - she is a series of complex ironies. Prisoner who imprisons " I've destroyed him" • • Watcher who is watched - by philip and towns people "windows as eyes - a percipitanr clear in his eyes so he could see me in his life for what I actually am" • She refuses to stay silences - she is decidedly without a name - we never know her first name , gives an identity - attach herself to her husband. Fundamental lack of identity. • Refuses to stay silenced in the novel , namely he art of writing. •
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