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Lecture 10

ENG353 Lecture 10

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University of Toronto St. George
Vikki Visvis

June 20th 2011 June-20-11 10:31 AM • The novel doesn’t only open a space for those marginalized in terms of culture , other because of class and gender are also marginalized. • Male and Anglo • With the character of Alice - bring attention to a defining characteristics of the city fo Toronto • In some ways Toronto was domesticated - cultural revolution in china, russian revolution - communism was at the forfront at the time. • Patrick as an outsider, on the basis of class. • Also actively works to alienate himself • Nicholas - never any firm sense of identity , not only alienated from history , never realizes how often Is watched by others - no portrait of himself…oblivious , suggests something about him. Absent in historical narratives . (Page 43) • As constructed as characters , not only are nickolas and alice outside of dominant narratives if history , but are marked by a sense of invisibility. • How doe she give voice to the eccentric? • Insects = immigrants • Birds = actresses a kind of metamorphosis , thingschange and evolve, he likes that idea of metamorphosis. 54,42,43,46,17,29 A male who will be recorded in history , not unreliable , not intensely the kind we would expect from historical narratives, this narrator Is self reflexive , recognizes the dangers of historical formulations. The ways in way authoritive narratives , personal first person account..maintaining the omnicient narrative voice but makign aware that it is creating a narative, Although this authortative narrative voice is onmnicient , it recognizes the authority, • How are we accessing this scene? : we are reading it in a work of art • We have a book critiquing art , but through art we are actually engaging with it through a work of Art • Ondatjee is brining attention to its own artifice the limitations of its own artifice , but through this artfice we have acces. Page 132 • Attention through the puppet play • Alice - becomees the voice for the disenfranchised • Patrick accompanies them to watch an allegorical play • An artiulation of suffering and terror of imigrating to Canada • Language is the power to integrate and into the community • Absence of power which is articulated through the immigrant experience • What else would induce a kind of silence • Gesture as a form of communication - to communicate a flight, communicate throughr gesture. The body becomes a form of communication. • page 145 Page 144 • • Taking story - to put together those who goes unnoticed • Metaphysical process, putting together bi
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