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Eng353-Anne Micheals

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Vikki Visvis

Trauma and Fiction Before: -sentimentalism -realism -Post-modernism Part 1: Narrator is jakob Beer - Polish jewish immigrant, only survivor , rescued by greek geologist • How do you heal from this wound? • Desire for cohesion • Shelters him , educates jacob • Athos teaches jacob to make the home his home • Migrate to Canada • Athos - teach in geography dep. U of T • After Athos death , translating • Finishes athos book - false witnesses • Jacob marries a canadian • Blue blood toronto marxist • Haunted by the past - particularly by Bella • Metaphor of being haunted • Wife is inturrupting communion with dead - particularly bella • Quest that dissolves the marriage • Jakob tries to come to terms with him past • Act of imaginative re-construction , • Witnesses bellas death - imagines her demise • A fabrication - untimately frees him from grieving • Gives him a sense of closure • Falls in love with mickaela from montreal • Page 7 , Page 28 • Page 191 • Reading jacobs memoirs Part 2: Story of Ben • Represents variations of a theme • Next generation • Intergenerational aspects • Ben sees in jakob a self he is trying to achieve • A place he is trying to reach In himself • Quest for self - still in process • Ending the novel in prgress is useful for later discussions • Becomes an agent in achieving emotional goals • Not given a definitive scene of healing • Define trauma as Catasptophe and wound Palimpsent - a layered construction , is trauma is a catastophe and a wound • Historical event : the haulocaust • Image of escape from the realities of the haulocaust • Rarely enter realities of camp - when we do , there are images , that are now archetyal • Trauma of immigation • Novel about fugitives Going against the grain of haulocaust literature • Tend to deny a place of home • Empty spaces • Offers immigrnt as a sense of fullness • Distinct sense of alienation , particulary apparent in part 2 • Confronted with ex. Nazi officer • Home is located with people and not place • Withi
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