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April 3 ENG364 Lecture Carvers and Moore work together, Harvey seen to have rescued the short story heir to Fitzgerald and Hemingway, one of most successful since, heavy drinker and smoker, writes of damaged characters and sense of isolation , inability to communicate, if communication is an issue how do you write tht Carvers -"This blind man..." When I read At start- tone? Matter of fact summary of events, recounting things giving plot summary, giving insight into long past in a short story therefor background and past tense of story makes it feel like present, gives us some Morgan's ways of taking about where he's coming from and how he views his wife's past, -"she told me he touched her..." Why is he so freaked out cuz level of intimacy that him and his wife don't show, touching her face is an incredibly intimate moment, he's rude about the situation, touch seen as sexual -doesn't mention the name Robert he withholds names to withhold identity not even his own name, deliberately self conscious in the sort about how he's withholding names -he isn't very likable and off putting but not is horrible way, "arrangements were made" he feels he has no control masculine anxiety -territoriality threat of what Robert is to his wife, poem he doesn't think much of -poetry is a mode of expression articulate an experience u had this is the stuff u make poetry of, he doesn't get it and therefore another form of communication he's threatened by -he's very colloquial, " this man who's enjoyed her favours" shows his deep threat her ex husband, he doesn't see only sympathetic that his wife attempted suicide due to loneliness basically they're marriage is going the same way -"bula is his wife a negro" she picked up the potato he left out that she threw I at him ellipsis - "bulas death... All without seeing what she looked like, could ever read the expression on her face" imagine what it was like to be her, sight for value -he doesn't understand how love can happen if sight wasn't involved -sighted person vs blind actually can see-classical theme - putting himself into Bulas shoes attempt to,empathize imagine what it's like to be a woman and married to this man, something shows him capable of what it's like to be a different character, self reflexive and ability to put self I other character, he's threatened by that and her first husband and that the marriages going the same way as her fist marriage, > "They sit down for dinner" 3 pages in "pray the phone king and food doesnt get cold" sweat beading on their faces, excessive indulgence narcotizing people here its a way for ppl to engage in their own thing, - "after she left the room weather report weed" 4pages in , "her head lay across the bed, what the hell" juicy thigh , something kind of twisted goes from. -Wanting to not be left alone w Robert before and He's "glad for the company" only reference to what we get about suing about him stays up every night as long as eh an smoking up and has crazy dreams, impotency? - Sense of loneliness, seeing and not seeing which runs through the story, -" then something occurred to me.... Cathedral" relationship between signified and signified, > Drawing the cathedral from feeling nothing,to something and now he wants the wife to leave them alone - experience now with Robert has changed basica
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