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Lecture 6

ENG365 Lecture 6

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University of Toronto St. George

Lecture 6 10/2/2012 10:16:00 AM  Is American Pastoral postmodern  Undermining of authority, questioning identity…  But doesn’t have self-experimentation…  Image overload Intuitionist  “There’s only up…”  Fulton’s journals… elevator from taken for granted in ordinary life -> vehicle of utopian desire  Empiricism vs Intuitionism  Dull obviousness, not meant to fly, world we’re comfortable with even if it’s not perfect (empiricism)  Recalibration of imagination dependent on human trust and cooperation (intuitionism)  In elevator, sense fragility of own mortality… elevator as coffin, black box  Verticality, passengers lifted out of world into next… heaven, lose solidity  Miracle at end of passage – Black Box, perfect elevator, falls upwards (up becomes down)  Elevators introduced verticality in cities… skyscrapers, world inverted  Description of first elevator (Otis elevator) very historically accurate… today Otis is everywhere (elevator and escalator)  Divide between promise of progress and reality  African Americans have to wait for “second elevation”  References to torpedo bras, recent war memory (person missing arm)  Before WWII… ~late 50s alternate history, birthplace of civil rights movement  Frustration  Uplift, verticality, rhetoric from civil rights movement (Martin Luther King Jr… mountains, raising up)  Parody of university life (Lila Mae’s college life… stereotypical classmates)  Empiricists – easily observed and tested devices, confirming triumph of human reason and wholly knowable
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