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Lecture 7

ENG365 Lecture 7

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Presentations  Intuitionist and postmodernity  Detective Novel  Beyond Lila Mae  Historical metafiction manages to satisfy desire for worldly grounding and query very basis of authority of that grounding  metaphor of elevation over other things… describing Lila Mae’s valuables in safe -> more emphasis on prizewinning paper than love letter  much of what happened would have happened anyway  elevator as allegory for racial uplift  “man who is so loud down south…”  “in the pit… colored help”  racial and gender inequalities…  elevator bring in social elevator -> Black Box bringing Second Elevation, coming of civil rights, transfigure city by changing race relations  Fanny Briggs as one of country’s most distinguished daughters… -> black woman escape to North, teach self how to read, juxtapose elevator and racial relations  Signifier = sound pattern  Signified = relevant meaning or concept  Identity as fluid and changing concept  Signified can change dramatically over time (i.e. WTC) Lecture  Irony and sincerity  Duplicity text  Metaphysics of presence  Governing belief of signifier and signified construct whole meaning  Calling other signifiers/words to describe signified  Never exiting signifiers, travelling down chain of signifiers… meaning never fully present  Differance – deliberate misspelling of difference, emphasizes written word over spoken word; neologism meaning both difference and deference o Deference - signs/wo
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