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Lecture 10

ENG365 Lecture 10

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University of Toronto St. George

Bel Canto  Silence – emphasize language of gesture, enable invisibility  Amplify sincerity than voice in novel  Hosokawa and Roxanne, conversing in traditional sense but reciprocated love  Authenticity in silence…  Hosokawa comfortable with silence  Utopian elements… American Pastoral, Intuitionist and Bel Canto o Hidden blemishes… Swede – Jewish, Fulton, house o Relative utopia in Bel Canto… Gen working, Tibault missing wife…  Fyrdorv’s story, symbol objects, appreciating art and being an audience Falling Man  Unnatural dialogue in Falling Man, no solace or utopia, not therapeutic  Reflects what it means to live in post-9/11 society  Language inseparable from world that provokes it  People falling from towers hand in hand, part of counter narrative, hands and spirits joining, human beauty in crush of speech… event asserts singularity  Pg 134 power button on remote… kept watching… footage… histories into some other business beyond towers… has to be an accident, way the camera show surprise, but 2 plane everyone wiser, older  Stripped of proper nouns/names/characters  Evoke experience of being compelled to rewatch traumatic events  Media making spectacle of 9/11  Gruesomely beautiful, rare ruptures from which history will not recover… “everyone loves a good train wreck…” not desire to turn away,
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