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Lecture 12

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University of Toronto St. George

There will be soft rains – Sara Teasdale  world continuing on without mankind  world without us – outside of language and imagination  nature’s resilience  outside of time and history, narrating end of world  denies and domesticated truth about end of world… poetry can’t survive apocalypse  fabulous textuality…. Myth/utopic/fantasy are inventions, breaking mirror through act of language is very occurrence of nuclear war… sets to think about presence of present; can only discuss violations, can’t witness it…. So nuclear conflict can only be signified referent, not real referent; only imaginative, like fable – No Apocalypse, Not Now - Derrida  empty space filled with language  attraction to trauma, wound, awful  apocalypses both textual and expose presence of imagined future within today – Hall, Apocalypse: From Antiquity to the Empire of Modernity  community building functions… Christian myths of apocalypse… finding solidarity in shared future, represent sort of social action  similarities between apocalyptic and utopian narratives  apocalypse – Greek name to Book of Revelations, “revelation, discover, to uncover, conceal” – knowledge and vision of end of the world o Book of Daniel (Old) and Revelation (New) o Daniel -> changed to fit prophecy later to make truth claim… to comfort chosen people living in persecution o For present readers, not future… community building function  Judgement day inevitable – Terminator and readjusting dates  Concerned with vivid present, community building function, fabulous textuality (fable-like), preserve humanity thru narrative  Finding hope and surviving in world refusing hope The Road  Element of hope in life persisting in film… beetle living  Prevailing sense of dread  Carrying the fire against crushing darkness  Deliberately thematize hope  Nihilistic vs optimistic reading of ending  Senselessness of survival  Debate between husband and wife (hope vs hopelessness)… death as lover  Man is always speaking over and across fire/lamp, telling stories  No argument because there is none… woman right, human desire for survival on road is irrational  Man and wife as Adam and Eve of anti-Adam and anti-Eve  Last man and last woman figuratively  Wife refuses to take burden of role, mother to humanity, choose death as lover  Knowledge that there is no moral stance any longer… sentiments haunt man  Fire as light of civilization, kno
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