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Lecture 15

ENG365 Lecture 15

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Kavalier and Clay  Superman comics & WWII  Villains from scientists/mobs -> spies  Superman as way for creators to take on hopelessness of period  Wish fulfillment, imagining heroes who would have saved lives of oppressed Jews in Nazi Germany…  Siegel control and empowerment that murder of his father robbed him of, thru Superman  Missing father figure, calling for invention of new one  American brand of individualism, action rather than words  Superman and the Golem… comic books and Jewish identity  Escapist, history and holocaust  Secret identities and desire, wishful figments  Preserving anxieties to what you’re escaping to not from  Christ-like figure – Superman… crucifixion pose  Connection to Moses -> Jesus… both sent out as babies to save world  Superman sent from Krypton in cradle rocket… Moses sent down Nile in cradle  Sacrifice parents make so child prospers… locals taking them as own  Superman taking on Americanized name, Clark Kent -> famous American actors names, both symbols of American manhood and masculinity, gentile  Superman’s Kryptonian name has Hebrew sound to it – voice of God  Becomes typical American… symbol of normalcy, literal center of nation  “Superman, you don’t think his Jewish? ...only a Jew would pick a name like that for himself” (585)  dream of immigrant Jew to escape persecutions of old world and be nurtured by America  Superman battling Hitler in comic strip  Dream of total acceptance while blending in & battling evil – Superman and Jew desire  Quintessential American immigrant  Many big names in comic book industry has Jewish origins… changing names, heroes reflecting on dual identity, escape, American Dream, lost origins  Golem – figure to protect Jews in time of sorrow when forced to slums in Prague… stories of it going berserk, being hidden away or continuing to serve  Telling of the story is
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