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Monday September 10, 2012 ENG370 Introduction Office hours this week Thursday 4-5pm @ the Jackman Humanities Building, Room 832 [email protected] Edward W. Said – “Orientalism”  There has been a huge Said answering regarding the shortcomings of his work o Many available critiques  Many writers have also emerged from his thinking – expanding and complementing his work  Only read introduction and chapter 1 for next week Jamaica Kincaid – “Annie John”  Writes about the Caribbean in a very critical way Kazuo Ishiguro – “An Artist of the Floating World”  Grew up British but faced the stereotypes of being of Japanese decent J.M. Coetzee – “Disgrace”  About South African apartheid  Violent, descriptive, deals with severe racism – often considered problematic to teach  Very ethical and careful writer – prose is plain, simple, and direct Joe Sacco – “Palestine”  Writes about the ongoing situation in Palestine  Challenges the term ‘post-colonialism’ Assignments  Review o 500 words o Due week 4 o Worth 20% o Journalistic feel to it  Essay Abstract o 400-word outline of what you intend to write about o Due in week 7 o To be work-shopped in class o Worth 15% of your final grade  Essay o 1800 words o Submit a list of works cited: not to be included in your word count, no min/max Monday September 10, 2012 o Worth 40% of your final grade o Due in week 9 – November 5 o Doesn’t matter what format its in (MLA, Chicago, etc), should be double spaced, indented (the reg)  End
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