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Jenny Kerber

th Week 3.2 Thursday January 24 , 2013 “And I Blessed Them Unaware”: Coleridge’s Dark Ecologies “The Skylark” – John Clare  Poetry was taken up and celebrated in London for a time  Clare was also a tragic figure, spending many years in an asylum for the insane  Can easily see his keen interest in detail  Nature is not just a symbol or a metaphor in his work o Concerned with nature as an actuality  Angry with Londoners who just assume that any bird they hear after sunset must be a nightingale  The idea of being in touch with nature seems to be more appealing to some writers than to others Timothy Clark – Chapter 6  What is post-humanism according to Timothy Clark? How is it different from trans-humanism? o Says we want to be able to transcend our human condition (trans- humanism) o Post-humanism, in a way, is more radical  Partly because it posits that the non-human is apart of what it means to be human from the start  Calls into question where what we call the self begins and ends  Clark points out that a central feature of post-humanism rejects images of the natural as a vision of where the self should be returned and restored  An anti-romantic way of seeing things  There is no human nature that is being repressed which we could somehow recover  It is in art that the fantasies we have about nature take place “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
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