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University of Toronto St. George
Mark Knight

Passion of New Eve  Epigraph – “In the beginning all the world was America” – John Locke  Unity, beginning and the end converging, birth-death-rebirth  Chaos, beginning and end  In the beginning was the word – John – word became flesh  Embodiment  Critiquing “beginning…” America and history of colonialism vs civil war going on in America in novel  Multiplicity of ideas in novel  Myth  Fable and plot  Real life vs mythic (today) – story that is not “true”  Aristotle – formal aspect (plot)  Genesis as full of “myths” – condensed short versions of stories not interested in mythic conventions, realism, details…  Myth of Eve’s subordination to Adam (from rib) -> problematic classification of woman limiting way of thinking  Carter “mother goddesses are just as silly a notion as father gods”  “Consolatory nonsense” – myth  myth depending on conviction and believers to maintain credibility although appear godhead (Zero)  Mother as goddess only with followers  limiting ability to understand, exposing  myth transforming history into nature (fluid into fixed story)  attempts to dig into myth and extract ideological meaning/rationality  myth opening up other ways of seeing world (more positive view rather than merely looking for answers/meanings)  mythic stories so condensed it leaves space for interpretation
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