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Mark Knight

Matthew  As narrative  Birth, baptism, spreading word, temptation, betrayal, crucifixion, resurrection  Themes o Radical teachings (challenging Pharisees, taxes…) o Doubt (Joseph doubt virginal conception, opposition, disciples…) o Humanity of Jesus (birth story, persecution…)  Healing and ministry not just about credentials of Jesus, but about genuine desire to help people (i.e. feeding 5000 -> 4000, not just about the miracle but that proving himself wasn’t important), compassion, access  Circulating stories, certain ones chosen and gathered  Not interested in historical progression, move things around not because forgotten but telling certain stories with certain impression  Miracles aren’t there to just show off or reinforce faith  Temple is where access to God is offered but healings are offered to people who are denied temple  16:13-28 Messiah  Central plan for world not just Israel but saving world through Israel  Jews taken out of Israel, exile key -> not where God told them they would be -> difficult to see God’s plans as working  Prophecies of Hebrew bible not primarily predictions of what will happen – chosen one of God -> 100s of years later, different expectations  Expectation at time of Jesus -> expecting messiah to sort their exile in Jerusalem (Rome)  Mixed feelings of messiah; desperation and anxiety -> everything depends on who Jesus is  Not are you God, but are you Messiah  New time, new world, new hope  Jesus directly asks what Peter thinks he is… (others think prophets come back to life as messiah, Elijah..)  Jesus doesn’t talk about being God’s son, but declares to be messiah to free/save  But tells disciples to keep it secret -> if go public, will be killed by Romans -
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