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Mark Knight

Beauty of the Church – Solomon  Title  Negative reference  Element of absurdity (title vs content… church vs exaggeratd love for one person)  Any “love” expression is ridiculous often  Unsure about how to do it  “I am sick of love” The Rules – Deuteronomy  As criticism  Criticism of interpretation of the law vs gender roles  Particular law is designed to protect woman  Lawyer as contemporary figure – still happening  Arrogance of contemporary writer to know better than text  Woman as a contemporary figure, out of her time but still bound by time  Biblical text is written over time, not one static book  Encouraging counter voices  Women characters in bible are sometimes strong, not submissive…  Pointing to something in between… not just past/future or present, fluidity  Other stories in bible of women cutting off men’s heads (while asleep)  “messing up the timeline”  strangely dropped in  not OT or NT  not just Christianized version of bible, indication of reading bible differently  self-referential, anticipate own completion  importance to NOT see biblical text as timeless text…  some books deli
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