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ENG458H1 Lecture Notes - Leotard, Metanarrative

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Mark Knight

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A History of the World in 10 ½ Chapters
History, authenticity, authority, intertextual references
Clean and unclean
Form like bible, different histories working together to make whole
Life, art, fact and fiction
Aesthetic choices by painter to paint shipwreck
Question of selection, distortion and transformation of truth and history
Elusiveness of truth
Interpretation, themes that can be extended to biblical texts are shaped by how bible
has been set from the start
Irony, fragmentation, mixing of different genres
Post modernism
Leotard -> postmodernism is incredulity towards metanarrative (attempts to make
Suspicion/disbelief of grand narratives (religion, Marxism, science)
Attempts made to break up/complicate/fragment/reread
Presumption in book that metanarratives are inherently violent because it enforces one
way of thinking of things
Book distrustful of religious system
Disrupting and offering different ways of thinking about things
Countervoice doesn’t come from bible but from Barnes
Believes biblical text enforces only one perspective throughout
Bible becomes negative singular text
Woodworm and problem of unregistered bias
But biblical tradition is easily capable of offering other voices
Idea of anthology of texts, reinterpretation
Woodworm becomes figures to expose biblical loopholes, smart, ironic outside
commentator to offer different perspectives and make think about it
Woodworm disingenuous, no freer from bias from other Judeo Christians
Stands in for voice of Barnes although wants to hide himself
Perspective meant to be one to be taken in text
Perspective that everyone sees bible as singular itself is biased
Woodworm has inherent bias
Woodworm becomes dominant perspective even if claim
No contestant voice
A history rather than THE
Heaven chapter taking one perspective and making a story
Parenthesis chapter, why no chapter number
Different from other chapters
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