ESS205H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Seafloor Spreading, Himalayas, Play-Doh

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Published on 13 Sep 2016
Lecture 2
Plate Tectonics
- Plate tectonics is the backbone of geology but they didn’t discover it until the 1960s
- Tuzo Wilson, man who figured it out from U of T, he actually set out to disprove it
- 3 ways of moving:
omove apart
ocome together
oslide alongside one another
- Alfred Wegener
oGerman meteorologist
oTalked about Pangea
Rocks are the same in different places, same as the mountain ranges and
Believed that continents fit perfectly and therefore they used to be
oTravelled in the Southern Hemisphere a lot
oVolcanoes – not distributed randomly, there are patterns to it
Pacific is surrounded by volcanoes but the Atlantic was not
oMountain belts
located in certain places but not others
along the coast of North and South America,
Where India collides with Asia
Not random either
Many earthquakes along the edges of the Pacific Ocean
oAll of these elements were marking out the edges of what we call tectonic
plates; certainly not randomly distributed
oAtlantic Ocean a young ocean
Only been there since Pangea broke up
It is getting wider every year
oPacific Ocean is a dying ocean
Getting smaller
Oceanic crust is getting recycled back into the earth
Pacific Ring of Fire
oHot Spots
Mantle plume burns through passing tectonic plate and creates a volcano
It stays still but the plate keeps moving over top
That is what made the Hawaiian Islands
oPushing away the old stuff but only as fast your fingernails are growing
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find more resources at
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