ESS205H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Resource Consumption, Total Fertility Rate, Kolkata

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Published on 13 Sep 2016
Lecture 6:
-Population density – bigger circle equals more people/km (NWT and Nunavut 0 ppl/km)
oPEI 24.7/km
-Dhaka (Bangladesh), Mumbai, Kolkota = highest density
-World life expectancy map 2004
oCanada, Australia, Western Europe have the highest
oMany south African countries have the lowest
oConnected with graph about access to safe water 2004
-Projecting future population
oWhy does our population still grow?
Decrease in birth rate
Decrease in death rate (people living longer)
Greater food supply
Better medical care (in many places, not everywhere, things are not
equitably distributed)
Higher water and air quality
oWorld growth rate has declined
Peak: 2.2% in 1963
2012: 1.1%
oso why does our population still grow?
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3 – no need to have as many children since infant mortality rate is
lower (need enough to have some that survive)
oProjecting future population
High estimates = 14 billion
Lower estimates = 7 billion
When will we reach those environmental resisting factors?
Developing vs developed (offensive language)
Developing nations still have a huge amount of births
oIn some countries culturally inappropriate to use birth
Developed nations do not have as many births
-No idea what the earth’s carrying capacity is or whether we’ve exceeded it
-Making assumptions about people in the world
oCarrying capacity is a lot different for someone in extreme poverty vs someone in
our position
oFracking: negative reputation but without it we would not have access to a lot of
fossil fuels we have access to today
oPollution: making the things we do have unusable
oDisease – maybe another plague?
-Comparing demographics of developed vs developing countries
-Total fertility rate
oReplacement rate = 2.1
oCurrent TFR is 2.5
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