ESS102H1 Lecture Notes - Megathrust Earthquake, Plate Tectonics, Convergent Boundary

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13 Apr 2012
Part C: Concept Map
Energy: energy (in the form of
stored elastic strain) builds up
along a subduction zone fault,
to be released during an
Subduction: A process that
takes place at convergent
boundaries by which
one tectonic plate moves under
another tectonic plate.
Tremor (Earthquake):
The result of a sudden
release of energy in
the Earth's crust that
creates seismic waves.
Megaquake: a very
powerful earthquake,
generally with a Richter
scale value exceeding 7.
Energy Released
Larger amount of
energy Released
More energy turns
earthquake into
Recurrence interval: An
estimate of the interval of
time between events
like earthquakes. A
statistical measurement
showing the average
recurrence interval over an
extended period of time.
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