Lectures 9 and 10

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4 Apr 2011
LECTURE 9: only these slides will be eligible to use on the exam
Slide2increasing in density [the air space is reduced] glacial ice=less dense then water.
Slide4mountain/alpine=controlled by topography, continental=Antarctica, Iceland
Slide7important zones= 1. Accumulation [build up of snow/ice layers] 2. Wastage [snow
melts more]. Movements can be stationary however, today its mostly retreating.
Slide12glacial footprints via erosion. Can create valleys, pointy [arête] landscapes, bowls
Slide13sheep=glacier breaks one side of mountain via pressure, while making one
smooth in the same way. Striations=scratches via the dirt and rocks within the ice as it
Slide14moraines=where glaciers used to be [this moraine=retreat]. Eskers=produce
gravel. Made by streams that flowed underneath the glacier. Drumlins=dirt hills shaped
under glacier.
Slide15sediments left/brought by glaciers. Erratic=many in southern Ontario.
Till=assorted sizes, no layers, made beneath ice.
Slide16rock exemplified in textbook is bigger!
Slide20rainforests=no random placement. Low-pressure center= air rises and cools
therefore needs be rid of as rain
Slide21deserts are not necessary dirt, they are arid
Slide22high-pressure= air descending therefore dry air. Up swelling=cold water replaces
hot water as it evaporates [brings up much nutrients near coastal area, but coast is dry].
Slide24Theory= earths many orbits of the sun effect the amount of sunlight the earth
directly receives. Varied orbit means more of less light which means more or less
glaciations. Stretch= at first orbit is circular [sun is even with earth], but at times orbit can
be oval [sun and earth have varied distance depending on place in orbit]. Roll=varied axis
tilts to and from sun. Wobble=like a spin top
Slide25clarify slide 24.
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