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2 Apr 2012

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Sept. 29th 2011 eur200
- 1807 Napoleon signed Treaty of Tilson with Nicholas saves Russia from any aggression from
France, Napoleon putting national interests before his ideological aims.
- September 1812 Moscow
- Oct-dec 1812 retreat which devastates Napoleon’s army. Winter in Russia therefore (since his
army lives off the land) his army starts disintegrating, starts loosing his center empire looses in
Prussia and Poland. Previous friends are now turning against. Confronts collection of armies he
can’t defeat.
o As he begins his retreat, all his allies start defeating.
o He invades Russia because it is not participating in the “continental system”
o Napoleon
o Napoleonic empire disintegrates around hime, he goes back to smalled and smaller
o By 1814, his own country gets invaded by all the other powers allied together war for
the balance of power, trying to put France back no a manageable source of power.
- 1814-1815: congress of Vienna to deal with legavcy of war from
o Napoleon abdicates he gets his own army, gets an island (Alba) where he goes to 1814
, gets a pension that Louis 18th has to pay him annually, gets a little war ship. goes
into exile.
o Congress about diplomacy, sec, and dancing
o Great powers sit down to get Europe organized again. 1814 and then in 1815
1814 Treaty f Paris: frist attempt to re-establish the balance of power that had
existed in Europe prior to 1792. Priorities are making the status quo as it existed
in 1792
Napoleon is exiled, Bourbon is back France (As well as in Spain) attempt to
bring back absolutism (impossible to put back as in 1789)
France restored to the 1792 frontiers, Natural frontiers. Restore Prussia and
Austria to pre-Austerlitz battle. Prussia and Austria both benefit from
restoration of France borders. you will never see again this gentlemany
behavior in Europe again.
Aceptation of reformation of Italy and regidging of Map of Germany.
Main preoccupation to not let France become a threat, but it is not to detroy
France, it is not occupied and there is no financial indemnity. Peace treaty
was very light and easy will have later effects on European diplomacy.
- Aside 1814-15 very conservative system, just trying to put “the genie back in the bottle”,
attempt to restate conservatism through Europe. France therefore cannot be humiliated,
reduced, or punished, trying to maintain balance of power. Very different from later peace
o But Peace Treaty overturned because Napoleon comes back , with high level of support
in France. He is back for the 100days war. brings 7th and Final coalition. brings
napoleon to its end. It becomes France against the rest.
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