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2 Apr 2012

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- Legacy of Germany from 1848 utter failure will follow different path from any other state in
- Bismarck 1862-1890
- Struggle for Germany Austrians are struggling to controlling German affair, through costums
o Struggle between Berlin and Vienna
o Prussia has huge advantages of control over Austria.
o Advantages Prussia has over Austria for the struggle for influence.
Has very strong economy
Homogenous house germans compared to Austrian empire.
Some degree of religious unity
Ruling family very strong, unlike the Austrian one
Prussia big advantage is that it controls industrial hardware it is the economic
- First struggle in contemporary Denmark over two Duchies of Schelswig-Holsten
o Bismarck claims those two territories, Austrians also claim it.
o Struggle with Austria over this territory
o They find solution they will jointly administer them brifly think that both of these
power can come to terms about these powers. BUT later Bismarck decides after that it
does it work and takes those territories.
o Bismarck occupies Holsten and promises Schelswig promessing them a “plescibite” that
does not come
Austrain kicked out by Treaty of Prague eliminated Austrian influence in
First step to german unification
o 1866 uses dvantage there and starts a war with Austrian over what will become
southern german states.
o First battle over North German confederation sign a treaty after which eliminates
Austria from german affairs entirely. Incredible turning point in European history
because there is only one contender to german unification
o Treaty of Prague, 1866 completely removes Austrian from german affairs. BISMARCK
DOES NOT embarrass them because he needs Austria they are more like minded.
Austria is not destroy. (it would have been a BIG german solution under Prussian
leadership control german lands) Bismarck has a SMALL german solution.
o After defeat of 1866 he has joined Prussia with northern german confederation, he is
missing southern Germany. After battle of Konigratz he still does not control southern
o Without 1866 (Koningratz) and treaty of Prague you cannot get to 1867 the
Compromise cannot get a transformation of Austria, only because of defeat that
Austria re-invents itself and it geos back to 1848. Austria in comfronted with
catastropjhic situation where its existence as greta power is questioned:
Lost affirs in German
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