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European Studies
Robert Austin

thSept 29 2011eur200 1807 Napoleon signed Treaty of Tilson with Nicholas saves Russia from any aggression from FranceNapoleon putting national interests before his ideological aims September 1812Moscow Octdec 1812retreat which devastates Napoleons army Winter in Russia therefore since his army lives off the land his army starts disintegrating starts loosing his center empirelooses in Prussia and Poland Previous friends are now turning against Confronts collection of armies he cant defeato As he begins his retreat all his allies start defeatingo He invades Russia because it is not participating in the continental systemo Napoleono Napoleonic empire disintegrates around hime he goes back to smalled and smaller territoryo By 1814 his own country gets invaded by all the other powers allied togetherwar for the balance of power trying to put France back no a manageable source of power 18141815 congress of Viennato deal with legavcy of war fromo Napoleon abdicateshe gets his own army gets an island Alba where he goes to 1814 th gets a pension that Louis 18 has to pay him annually gets a little war shipgoes into exileo Congressabout diplomacy sec and dancing o Great powers sit down to get Europe organized again 1814 and then in 1815 1814Treaty f Paris
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