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European Studies
Robert Austin

NDSEPT 22 2011 EUR200 th Napoleon from 178918 of brumaire Napoleon CalendreirNapoleon involved in even the most small details of nation making Returned from campaign in Egypt in 1989see his power in a coupin his way back he sees the French people in a deep crisis eliminate most of the gains of the revolution for many people Napoleon starts to undermined the transfer of power from the monarchy to the people o However he is a child of the revolution os he did not see himself as antirevolutiono Napoleon was a tremendous modernizer From 17991814 he takes over every mayor portfolio in the republic of France He is doing everything by himselfo Napoleon comes to represent as a trendenlightened absolutism Combines enlightenment ideas in absolutist rule Combine reform with exploitation tremendously Napoleon is the first unifier of Europe based on his modelunder the Napoleonic model Reorders map of Europe develops diff types of territories reunited territories to France he has conquered countries reorders map of Europe in his favour His legacy inside france all his transformations stay with Fr
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