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European Studies
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Robert Austin

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Legacy of Germany from 1848utter failurewill follow different path from any other state in Europe Bismarck 18621890 Struggle for GermanyAustrians are struggling to controlling German affair through costums uniono Struggle between Berlin and Viennao Prussia has huge advantages of control over Austriao Advantages Prussia has over Austria for the struggle for influence Has very strong economy Homogenous housegermanscompared to Austrian empire Some degree of religious unity Ruling familyvery strong unlike the Austrian one Prussia big advantage is that it controls industrial hardwareit is the economic powerFirst struggle in contemporary Denmark over two Duchies of SchelswigHolsteno Bismarck claims those two territories Austrians also claim ito Struggle with Austria over this territoryo They find solutionthey will jointly administer thembrifly think that both of these power can come to terms about these powers BUT later Bismarck decides after that it does it work and takes those territorieso Bismarck occupies Holsten and promises Schelswig promessing them a plescibite that does not come Austrain kicked out by Treaty of Pragueeliminated Austr
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